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Understanding IBM Db2 Restore

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Published on 10 August 2017

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IBM Form #: TIPS1353

Authors: Jeffery Andersen

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    Creating regular backups is a critical step to recovering from a disaster. Restoring the database is arguably the most important and time-critical portion of the backup and restore process. This IBM® Redbooks® web doc describes the following elements that are critical to a successful restore process:

    • The process model
    • Restore to existing and non-existing databases
    • Restore individual table spaces
    • Restore a subset of table spaces to a new database
    • Change the database path
    • Change the container path
    • Considerations for the Database Partitioning Feature (DPF)
    • Monitoring the restore operation progress

    This document applies to all versions of IBM Db2® Linux, UNIX, and Windows.



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    Special Notices

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