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IBM Diamondback Tape Library Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication


Published on 27 June 2024, updated 03 July 2024

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ISBN-10: 0738461547
ISBN-13: 9780738461540
IBM Form #: SG24-8548-00

Authors: Phil Gerrard, Jesus Cabrera, Dylan Carlson, Fabian Corona, Jesus Cervantes, Stephen Solewin and Erwin Zwemmer

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    The IBM® Diamondback tape library is the next-generation ultra-high density tape storage

    solution available from IBM. The Diamondback is designed to easily scale out and fit into any

    data center or server room, with each frame having only the footprint of a standard server

    rack. Designed with a focus on simplicity and density, the library can be deployed quickly and

    easily managed using either REST API or its own browser based GUI. Maintenance and

    support are also simplified via the use of Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) and built in call

    home, which greatly lowers the number of parts to be kept on hand and reduces downtime in

    the event of a failure.

    This next-generation tape library is designed to help midsized and large enterprises meet

    modern cloud storage challenges including: increasing data volumes, rising storage footprint

    costs, and reducing the complexity of IT training and system management by simplifying data

    migration and administration.

    This IBM Redbooks publication provides a detailed overview of the new Diamondback

    library and its features. Highlights of these features include:

    - Standard server rack dimensions based on Open Compute Project racks, installs into data

    centers and is serviced like a server rack.

    - Store up to 27 PB capacity with LTO 9 cartridges (up to 69 PB with 2.5:1 compression) a

    2.7x improvement over LTO with TS4500 single frame.

    - Media optimization for the LTO9 tape drive with L9/LZ media.

    - Reduce installation time with the ability to ship fully loaded with tape cartridges

    - Optimize storage with Ultra high density (UHD) storage slots

    - Automate management through a REST API

    - Simplified service using CRUs reduces down time and number of parts to keep on hand

    - Automatic control-path and data-path fail-over

    - Tape-drive encryption

    - WORM media support

    - Persistent worldwide name

    - Multipath architecture

    - Drive/media exception reporting

    - Remote drive/media management

    - Advanced Library Management System (ALMS)

    Additionally, this book describes detailed information about the IBM Diamondback

    components, feature codes, specifications, supported tape drives, encryption, system

    management, security features and REST features.

    This publication is for anyone who wants to understand more about the IBM Diamondback

    tape library. It is particularly suitable for IBM clients, IBM Business Partners, IBM specialist

    sales representatives, and technical specialists.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. IBM Diamondback Tape Library

    Chapter 2. IBM Diamondback Linear Tape-Open

    Chapter 3. IBM Diamondback Tape Library Supported Software

    Chapter 4. Security and Encryption

    Chapter 5. Diamondback management graphical user interface (GUI)

    Chapter 6. IBM Diamondback REST API

    Chapter 7. Diamondback Self Support

    Chapter 8. Related publications and links


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