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IBM Power Virtual Server Guide for IBM AIX and Linux

An IBM Redbooks publication


Published on 10 August 2023, updated 11 August 2023

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ISBN-10: 0738461237
ISBN-13: 9780738461236
IBM Form #: SG24-8512-00

Authors: Dino Quintero, Jose Martin Abeleira, Adriano Almeida, Gabriel Padilla Jimenez and Bogdan Savu

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    This IBM Redbooks publication describes deployment, networking, and data management tasks on the IBM Power® Virtual Server by using sample scenarios.

    The team during the content development used available documentation, IBM Power Virtual Server environment, and additional software and hardware resources to document several types of scenarios:

    + IBM Power Virtual Server networking and data management deployment scenarios

    + Migration scenarios

    + Backup scenarios

    + Disaster recovery scenarios

    This book addresses topics for IT architects, IT specialists, developers, sellers, and anyone who wants to implement and manage workloads on an IBM Power Virtual Server. Moreover, this publication provides documentation to transfer how-to skills to the technical teams, and solution guidance to the sales team. This book compliments the documentation available at IBM Documentation and aligns with the educational materials that are provided by IBM Systems Technical Education..

    Table of Contents

    Chapter1. IBM Power Systems Virtual Server

    Chapter 2. IBM Power Systems Virtual Server backup and migration overview

    Chapter 3. IBM Power Systems Virtual Server in the IBM Cloud network

    Chapter 4. Managing Workloads on IBM Power Virtual Server for IBM AIX and Linux deployments

    Chapter 5. Migration and deployment to Cloud with IBM Power Virtual Server

    Chapter 6. Migrating IBM AIX or Linux VM to off-premises Power Virtual Servers

    Appendix A. Global Replication Services solution using IBM Power Virtual Server


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