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IBM DS8000 Copy Services: Updated for IBM DS8000 Release 9.1

An IBM Redbooks publication


Published on 09 April 2021, updated 18 February 2024

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ISBN-10: 0738459577
ISBN-13: 9780738459578
IBM Form #: SG24-8367-01

Authors: Bertrand Dufrasne, Michael Frankenberg, Tony Eriksson, Lisa Martinez, Suellen Ricardo Fida, Connie Riggins and Mark Wells

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    This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you plan, install, configure, and manage Copy Services on the IBM DS8000® operating in an IBM Z® or Open Systems environment.

    This book helps you design and implement a new Copy Services installation or migrate from an existing installation. It includes hints and tips to maximize the effectiveness of your installation, and information about tools and products to automate Copy Services functions.

    It is intended for anyone who needs a detailed and practical understanding of the DS8000 Copy Services.

    This edition is an update for the DS8900 Release 9.1.

    Note that the Safeguarded Copy feature is covered in IBM DS8000 Safeguarded Copy, REDP-5506.

    Table of Contents

    >>Part 1. Overview

    Chapter 1. Introduction

    Chapter 2. Licensing

    Part 2. Interfaces

    Chapter 3. Copy Services interfaces overview

    Chapter 4. DS command-line interface

    Chapter 5. IBM Z interfaces

    Part 3. FlashCopy

    Chapter 6. FlashCopy overview

    Chapter 7. FlashCopy options

    Chapter 8. FlashCopy interfaces

    Chapter 9. Cascading FlashCopy

    Chapter 10. Remote Pair FlashCopy

    Chapter 11. FlashCopy performance

    Chapter 12. FlashCopy examples

    Chapter 13. FlashCopy usage with z/OS products

    Part 4. Metro Mirror and Global Copy

    Chapter 14. Metro Mirror overview

    Chapter 15. Global Copy overview

    Chapter 16. Metro Mirror and Global Copy paths

    Chapter 17. Metro Mirror and Global Copy operations

    Chapter 18. Metro Mirror and Global Copy implementation considerations

    Chapter 19. Metro Mirror and Global Copy interfaces and examples

    Part 5. Global Mirror

    Chapter 20. Global Mirror overview

    Chapter 21. Global Mirror operations and recovery

    Chapter 22. Global Mirror interfaces and examples

    Part 6. z/OS Global Mirror

    Chapter 23. z/OS Global Mirror overview

    Chapter 24. z/OS Global Mirror interfaces

    Chapter 25. How z/OS Global Mirror maintains consistency

    Chapter 26. z/OS Global Mirror scalability

    Chapter 27. Managing z/OS Global Mirror

    Part 7. Solutions

    Chapter 28. IBM GDPS

    Chapter 29. IBM Copy Services Manager

    Chapter 30. z/OS HyperSwap

    Chapter 31. VMware Site Recovery Manager

    Part 8. MultiSite configurations

    Chapter 32. Metro/Global Mirror overview

    Chapter 33. Metro/Global Mirror configuration and setup

    Chapter 34. Metro/Global Mirror operations

    Chapter 35. Metro/Global Mirror recovery scenarios

    Chapter 36. Metro/Global Mirror disaster recovery test scenarios

    Chapter 37. Metro/Global Mirror incremental resynchronization

    Chapter 38. Multiple Target PPRC overview

    Chapter 39. Multiple Target PPRC topologies

    Chapter 40. Multiple Target PPRC architecture and design

    Chapter 41. Implementing a two Metro Mirror topology

    Chapter 42. Implementing a Metro Mirror and Global Mirror topology

    Chapter 43. Implementing a Global Copy plus Global Mirror topology

    Chapter 44. Implementing a Metro/Global Mirror and Metro Mirror topology

    Chapter 45. MultiTarget PPRC with cascaded Metro/Global Mirror

    Chapter 46. Using Multiple Target PPRC for migration

    Chapter 47. Multi-site replication scenario examples

    Chapter 48. DS command-line interface

    Appendix A. z/OS concurrent copy function

    Appendix B. SNMP notifications


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