IMS Primer

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 20 January 2000

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ISBN-10: 073841543X
ISBN-13: 9780738415437
IBM Form #: SG24-5352-00
(298 pages)

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Authors: Rick Long, Robert Hain, Mark Harrington


This IBM Redbooks publication is called a primer, as it is intended to be an introductory book to help familiarize the reader with the basics of IMS. Much of the original content of this book was in an early IMS manual called the IMS Primer, which was discontinued a number of years ago.

This book will help you understand some of the basic functions of IMS. It also tries to position IMS with regard to some of the other IBM products, and it gives a broad understanding of the architecture of IMS. The book is meant as an overview of the IMS product. It contains general information on many of the features of IMS.

The first part of the book contains an overview of the transaction and database managers. This entails describing the basic function of each. It also includes an overview of how IMS interfaces with other products like the OS/390 operating system.

The second part of the book provides a more detailed explanation of the IMS Transaction Manager. It covers a detailed explanation of message processing. It also contains an introduction to the application programming interface to the IMS system.

The third part of the book provides a more detailed explanation of the IMS Database Manager. It starts out with some basic database concepts and includes the hierarchical model and how it is implemented in IMS. It provides some information on database design and choosing the right database types. It also includes an explanation of the database backup, recovery, and reorganization utilities.

The fourth part of the book explains application programming within the IMS environments. This includes both transaction and database programming interfaces as well as the message format services (MFS).

The fifth part of the book explains some basic IMS administration functions. These include database recovery (DBRC), RECON record information, IMS logging and the IMS system generation procedure.

This edition applies to IBM Information Management System (IMS), Transaction and Database Server for System 390 Program Number 5697-B89 for use with the OS/390 operating systems

Table of contents

Part 1. Overview of IMS
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. IMS and OS/390
Chapter 3. IMS TM and DB general information
Part 2. IMS Transaction Manager
Chapter 4. The IMS control region
Chapter 5. Processing input from a terminal
Chapter 6. Fast-Path transactions
Chapter 7. Non-terminal related input
Chapter 8. The master terminal
Chapter 9. Application program processing overview
Part 3. IMS Database Manager
Chapter 10. Database basics
Chapter 11. The IMS hierarchical database model
Chapter 12. Implementation of the IMS database model
Chapter 13. Choosing the correct type of database
Chapter 14. Database reorganization processing
Chapter 15. Database recovery processing
Part 4. IMS application development
Chapter 16. Application programming overview
Chapter 17. Application coding for IMS Transaction Manager
Chapter 18. IMS message format service
Chapter 19. Application coding for IMS Database Manager
Part 5. IMS system adminstration
Chapter 20. Database recovery control (DBRC)
Chapter 21. RECON record types
Chapter 22. IMS logging
Chapter 23. IMS system generation process
Chapter 24. IMS security overview

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