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IBM Power Systems S922, S914, and S924 Technical Overview and Introduction Featuring PCIe Gen 4 Technology

An IBM Redpaper publication


Published on 16 July 2020, updated 18 April 2022

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ISBN-10: 0738458880
ISBN-13: 9780738458885
IBM Form #: REDP-5595-00

Authors: Scott Vetter, Bartlomiej Grabowski, Mauro Minomizaki and Armin Röll

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    This IBM® Redpaper publication is a comprehensive guide that covers the IBM Power System S914 (9009-41G), IBM Power System S922 (9009-22G), and IBM Power System S924 (9009-42G) servers that use the latest IBM POWER9™ processor-based technology and support the IBM AIX®, IBM i, and Linux operating systems (OSs). The goal of this paper is to provide a hardware architecture analysis and highlight the changes, new technologies, and major features that are being introduced in these systems, such as:

    • The latest IBM POWER9 processor, which is available in various configurations for the number of cores per socket
    • More performance by using industry-leading Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) Gen 4 slots
    • Enhanced internal disk scalability and performance with up to 11 NVMe adapters
    • Introduction of a competitive Power S922 server with a 1-socket configuration that is targeted at IBM i customers

    This publication is for professionals who want to acquire a better understanding of IBM Power Systems™ products. The intended audience includes the following roles:

    • Clients
    • Sales and marketing professionals
    • Technical support professionals
    • IBM Business Partners
    • Independent software vendors (ISVs)

    This paper expands the current set of IBM Power Systems documentation by providing a desktop reference that offers a detailed technical description of the Power S914, Power S922, and Power S924 systems.

    This paper does not replace the current marketing materials and configuration tools. It is intended as an extra source of information that, together with existing sources, can be used to enhance your knowledge of IBM server solutions.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. IBM Power Systems S914, S922, and S924 overview

    Chapter 2. Architecture and technical overview


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