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IBM Storage DS8000 Safeguarded Copy: Updated for DS8000 Release 9.3.2

An IBM Redpaper publication


Published on 26 June 2023, updated 22 February 2024

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ISBN-10: 0738461202
ISBN-13: 9780738461205
IBM Form #: REDP-5506-04

Authors: Michael Frankenberg, Eunice Liu, Connie Riggins, Mario Schreuer and Robert Tondini

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    This IBM Redpaper publication explains the IBM Storage DS8000® Safeguarded Copy functions. With Safeguarded Copy, organizations can improve their cyber resiliency by frequently creating protected point-in-time backups of their critical data, with minimum impact and effective resource utilization.

    The paper is intended for IT security architects who plan and design an organization’s cybersecurity strategy, and the infrastructure technical specialists who implement them.

    The content is structured into four major sections:

    • Safeguarded Copy introduction:
    • Safeguarded Copy planning and considerations:
    • IBM Copy Services Manager (CSM) ESEsizer session.
    • Safeguarded Copy implementation and management:

    This edition of the paper applies to DS8000 9.3.2.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Introduction and concepts

    Chapter 2. Planning and considerations

    Chapter 3. Capacity sizing by using the IBM Copy Services Manager ESESizer functions

    Chapter 4. Implementation and management

    Appendix A. Other Safeguarded Copy topologies


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