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High Performant File System Workloads for AI and HPC on AWS using IBM Spectrum Scale
Storage Solutions

Redpaper, published 31 Mar 2021

This IBM® Redpaper® publication is intended to facilitate the deployment and configuration of the IBM Spectrum® Scale based high-performance storage solutions for the scalable data and AI solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Configuration, testing results, and tuning guidelines for running the IBM Spectrum Scale based high-performance storage solutions for the data and AI workloads on AWS are the focus areas of the paper. The LAB Validation was conducted with the Red Hat Linux nodes to IBM Spectrum Scale by using the various Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances. Simultaneous ... [more]

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The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM Z Volume 1: IBM z/VM 7.2

Draft Redbooks, last updated 31 Mar 2021

This IBM® Redbooks® publication is the first volume of a series of four books called The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM Z. The other three volumes relate to Red Hat, SUSE and Ubuntu:

  • The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM z Systems Volume 2: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.1, SG24-8303
  • The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM z Systems Volume 3: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, SG24-8890
  • The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM z Systems Volume 4: Ubuntu Server 16.04, SG24-8354
It is recommended that you start with Volume 1 of this series because IBM z/VM® is the base ... [more]

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Storage Multi-tenancy for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform with IBM Storage
Flash storage

Draft Redpaper, last updated 30 Mar 2021

With IBM® Spectrum Virtualize and object-based access control, you can implement multi-tenancy and secure storage usage in a Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform environment. This document will show you how to secure the storage access of the OpenShift users to the IBM Spectrum® Virtualize array. Restricting access helps you to avoid the over-consumption of storage by one or more users. The uses cases in this document can be expanded to using this control to provide assistance with ... [more]

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IBM FlashSystem 5000 and 5200 for Mid-Market
Flash storage

Redguide, published 19 Feb 2021, last updated 30 Mar 2021

The IBM® FlashSystem 5015, 5035, and 5200 help you meet the challenges of rapid data growth while staying within limited IT budgets. These systems allow you to quickly consolidate, simplify, and optimize your IT infrastructure with an efficient, highly flexible, yet easy-to-use storage system with powerful virtualization features. This IBM Redpaper™ publication is intended for mid-market clients.

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Integration Testing for Hybrid Cloud Applications using Galasa

Redpaper, published 29 Mar 2021

In this IBM® Redpaper publication, we focus on the importancequality. This paper explains how this testing can be achieved only in an effective and efficient way by autenable such automation. We specifically focus on Galasa. Galasa is an open-source deep integration test framework for hybrid cloud applications that allows teams to automate tests to run as part of a DevOps pipeline. Galasa was built as an integration test framework to test applications spanning multiple platforms as part of a hybrid multi-cloud. It also integrates all the test tools that are needed to test such an ... [more]

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