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The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM z Systems Volume 2: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 Servers

Redbooks, published 26 Aug 2015, last updated 6 May 2016

This IBM® Redbooks® publication is Volume 2 of a series of three books that is called The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM z Systems. The other two volumes are listed:
- The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM z Systems Volume 1: IBM z/VM 6.3, SG24-8147-01
- The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM z Systems Volume 3: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, SG24-8890
It is recommended that you start with Volume 1 of this series because IBM z/VM® is the base "layer" when you install Linux on IBM z Systems™. Volume 1 starts with an introduction, discusses planning, then describes z/VM ... [more]

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z/VM and Linux on IBM System z: The Virtualization Cookbook for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0

Redbooks, published 18 Feb 2011

This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes how to create Linux® virtual servers in IBM z/VM® on IBM System z® hardware. This book adopts a cookbook format that provides a concise, repeatable set of procedures for installing and configuring z/VM in a logical partition (LPAR) and then installing and customizing Linux. You need an IBM System z LPAR with the associated resources, z/VM V6.1 media, and a Linux distribution. This book assumes that you have a general familiarity with System z technology and terminology. It does not assume an in-depth understanding of z/VM and Linux. It is written for ... [more]

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Installing Oracle 10gR2 on Red Hat 5 Linux on IBM System z

Redpaper, published 8 Dec 2008

This IBM® Redpaper® publication provides the steps to install a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Linux® guest to support an Oracle® 10gR2 Database. We assume that you are performing a new installation, not updating a Red Hat 4 and Oracle database to Red Hat 5 and Oracle


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