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Maximizing Security with LinuxONE

Redpaper, published 16 Oct 2019

LinuxONE is a hardware system designed to support and exploit the Linux operating system based on the value of its unique underlying architecture. LinuxONE can be used within a private and multi-cloud environment to support a range of workloads and service a variety of needs. On LinuxONE, security is built into both the hardware and software. This IBM® Redpaper publication gives a broad understanding of how to leverage the various security features that exploit and complement the LinuxONE hardware security features, such as these:

  • Hardware accelerated encryption of data, delivered ... [more]

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    Oracle on LinuxONE

    Redbooks, published 8 Aug 2019

    Oracle Database 12c running on Linux is available for deployment on IBM® LinuxONE. The enterprise-grade Linux on LinuxONE solution is designed to add value to Oracle Database solutions, including the new functions that are introduced in Oracle Database 12c. In this IBM Redbooks® publication, we explore the IBM and Oracle Alliance and describe how Oracle Database benefits from LinuxONE. We then explain how to set up Linux guests to install Oracle Database 12c. We also describe how to use the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Agent to manage Oracle Database 12c Release 1. Additionally, ... [more]

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    Securing Your Cloud: IBM Security for LinuxONE

    Redbooks, published 30 Jul 2019, last updated 1 Aug 2019

    As workloads are being offloaded to IBM® LinuxONE based cloud environments, it is important to ensure that these workloads and environments are secure. This IBM Redbooks® publication describes the necessary steps to secure your environment from the hardware level through all of the components that are involved in a LinuxONE cloud infrastructure that use Linux and IBM z/VM®. The audience for this book is IT architects, IT Specialists, and those users who plan to use LinuxONE for their cloud ... [more]

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    Scale up for Linux on LinuxONE

    Redpaper, published 17 Jul 2019

    This book was written by IBM® IT specialists who have experience implementing Linux solutions on IBM LinuxONE™ (LinuxONE). The contents of this book follow the guidelines from Linux regarding LinuxONE installations. The preferred practices that are described in this book are gathered from the experiences of those specialists in hundreds of projects at IBM and customer environments. This IBM Redbooks® publication provides you with the information needed in making a decision on scaling architecture when implementing Linux on LinuxONE. This book has the following goals:
    - To inform ... [more]

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    Consolidation Planning Workbook Practical Migration from x86 to IBM LinuxOne

    Redpaper, published 16 Apr 2018, last updated 16 Apr 2018

    IBM LinuxONE™ is a portfolio of hardware, software, and solutions for an enterprise-grade Linux environment. It is designed to run more transactions faster and with more security and reliability specifically for the open community. It fully embraces open source-based technology. This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides a technical sample workbook for IT organizations that are considering a migration from their x86 distributed servers to IBM LinuxONE. This book provides you with checklists for each facet of your migration to IBM LinuxONE. This IBM Redbooks workbook assists you by providing ... [more]

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