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Update to Turning Data into Insight with IBM Machine Learning for z/OS (SG24-8421)

An IBM Redbooks residency (ZS-DM04-R01)


This purpose of this residency is to update the existing IBM Redbooks publication, Turning Data into Insight with IBM Machine Learning for z/OS (SG24-8421). The current version was developed in September of 2018 on IBM Machine Learning for z/OS version 1.1.0. Since then, there have been significant updates to both the product, technology, and capabilities for machine learning on the z/OS platform with IBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS. These changes, along with other new information, need to be integrated into a new version of this IBM Redbooks publication. Such updates will better enable enterprises to leverage the end-to-end machine learning platform on z/OS, training AI models on any framework and deploying them to z/OS for high performance, near-zero latency, and real-time inferencing.

Benefits, objectives, prerequisites and more ...


How Residencies work

Business Partners

Starts 19 Jun 2023, ends 04 Aug 2023 (7 weeks) and requires 8 residents

Residency Leader: Makenzie Manna

  1. Begin Nomination

Must be received by 12 June 2023
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    Benefits to Resident

    IBM Redbooks want technical practitioners to be recognized for their newly gained knowledge, experience, and accomplishments. Therefore, upon successful delivery of the publication produced by this IBM Redbooks residency, you will become eligible to earn an IBM Redbooks Digital Badge issued through Credly.


    Resident Prerequistes

    A basic requirement for all residents is the ability to read and clearly express concepts and procedures in common English.


    Requested level 
    English spoken3
    Positive, self-motivated, professional5
    Teamwork and leadership5
    Deep IBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS knowledge5
    Leveraging end-to-end machine learning on z/OS4
    Train AI models anywhere, deploy to z/OS4
    IBM zSystems4
    Enterprise AI on IBM zSystems4
    Turning data into insight4
    Data science knowledge4

    Documentation Skills

    Requested level 
    Technical writing experience4
    PC-based Graphics Tools (PowerPoint, Visio, Illustrator)4
    English written4
    Microsoft Word4

    Social Media Skills

    Requested level