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Update to SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems Architectural Summary (REDP-5569)

An IBM Redbooks residency (PW-DS04-R01)


This residency is designed to update the existing Redpaper - SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems Architectural Summary (REDP-5569). The current version was created in April of 2020 on Power 9 with SUSE Linux. Since then, SAP has certified Power 10 servers and has also certified Red Hat Linux. These changes, along with other new information, need to be integrated into a new version of this Redpaper.

Benefits, objectives, prerequisites and more ...


How Residencies work

Business Partners

Starts 19 Jun 2023, ends 30 Jun 2023 (2 weeks) and requires 3 residents

Residency Leader: Tim Simon

Location: Waldorf Germany

  1. Begin Nomination

Must be received by 16 June 2023
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    Benefits to Resident

    This is a great opportunity to participate in the IBM Redbooks residency program and gain experience on the SAP HANA, the database engine for one of the leading enterprise management and planning applications. As SAP HANA is the stated direction for all future SAP development and there are still a number of SAP clients that have not embraced the new architecture, the market potential for SAP HANA is large. Having a background in SAP HANA will provide a way to help you enable your clients to understand and embrace the new database direction.

    IBM Redbooks want technical practitioners to be recognized for their newly gained knowledge, experience, and accomplishments. Therefore, upon successful delivery of the publication produced by this IBM Redbooks residency, you will become eligible to earn an IBM Redbooks Digital Badge issued through Credly.


    Create new version of REDP-5569 with updates for Power 10 and RHEL support.

    Resident Prerequistes

    A basic requirement for all residents is the ability to read and clearly express concepts and procedures in common English.


    Requested level 
    Willing to read, learn, dialogue, ask questions, and challenge the teams.4
    SAP experience including databases.4
    IBM Power Systems installation, management including virtualization features.4
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server installation and management.4

    Documentation Skills

    Requested level 
    Microsoft Word.4
    Snagit or image capturing tool.4

    Social Media Skills

    Requested level