IBM Spectrum LSF Suite: Installation Best Practices Guide

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 03 March 2020, updated 21 April 2020

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ISBN-10: 0738458570
ISBN-13: 9780738458571
IBM Form #: REDP-5572-00
(68 pages)

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Authors: Dino Quintero, Mark Black, Ahmad Y Hussein, Bill S McMillan, Gabor Samu, John S Welch


This IBM® Redpaper publication describes IBM Spectrum® LSF® Suite best practices installation topics, application checks for workload management, and high availability configurations by using theoretical knowledge and hands-on exercises. These findings are documented by way of sample scenarios.

This publication addresses topics for sellers, IT architects, IT specialists, and anyone who wants to implement and manage a high-performing workload management solution with LSF. Moreover, this guide provides documentation to transfer how-to-skills to the technical teams, and solution guidance to the sales team. This publication compliments documentation that is available at IBM Knowledge Center, and aligns with educational materials that are provided by IBM Systems.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM Spectrum LSF Suite
Chapter 2. IBM Spectrum LSF Suite installation
Chapter 3. IBM Spectrum LSF Suite administration: Health checks
Chapter 4. Performance benchmarks
Chapter 5. IBM Spectrum LSF application configuration scenarios
Appendix A. IBM Spectrum LSF and Kubernetes integration
Appendix B. Managing Elasticsearch data
Appendix C. IBM Spectrum LSF Suite common questions and issues

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