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Art of the Possible with AI on IBM zSystems: A Collection of Enterprise Experiences

Course, published 5 Apr 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to have a profound impact on the way enterprises do business and IBM zSystems can serve as the great enabler for AI in your enterprise. This series of short informational videos provides an overview and introduction into the experience and benefits of deploying AI on IBM zSystems. The real life experiences covered in this series focus on how client's have been able to leverage AI on IBM zSystems to solve a key business problem and the benefits received from integrating AI into existing z/OS workloads to create a holistic solution. In particular, we ... [more]

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Getting Started with IBM Z Cyber Vault

Redbooks, published 18 Nov 2021, last updated 29 Nov 2021

With cyberattacks on the raise, cyber resiliency is becoming more important than ever. Cyber resiliency can provide the required capability against cyberattacks and prevent significant impact if the attacks are detected early. A cybersecurity strategy might minimize the risk of attacks getting through to systems, applications, and data, but a cyber resiliency strategy is needed to minimize the impact of a cyberattack by recovering quickly. Preparing for, responding to, and recovering from a cyberattack is not something that just happens, but must be thoroughly designed, planned for, and ... [more]

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Demystifying Data with AI on IBM Z
IBM Z Software

Point-of-View, published 23 Jul 2021

This IBM Redbooks Point of View publication serves to drive awareness of AI capabilities on IBM Z, including Linux on Z. It describes common customer pain points that AI can address and help resolve, what capabilities/solutions are available today, and explains how IBM Z is the ideal AI platform.

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IBM TS7700 Release 5.1 Guide
Storage Solutions

Redbooks, published 4 May 2021

This IBM® Redbooks® publication covers IBM TS7700 R5.1. The IBM TS7700 is part of a family of IBM Enterprise tape products. This book is intended for system architects and storage administrators who want to integrate their storage systems for optimal operation. Building on over 20 years of virtual tape experience, the TS7770 supports the ability to store virtual tape volumes in an object store. The TS7700 supported off loading to physical tape for over two decades. Off loading to physical tape behind a TS7700 is utilized by hundreds of organizations around the world. By using the same ... [more]

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Accelerating Digital Transformation on Z Using Data Virtualization

Redpaper, published 17 Dec 2018, last updated 13 Apr 2021

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication introduces a new data virtualization capability that enables IBM z/OS® data to be combined with other enterprise data sources in real-time, which allows applications to access any live enterprise data anytime and use the power and efficiencies of the IBM Z® platform. Modern businesses need actionable and timely insight from current data. They cannot afford the time that is necessary to copy and transform data. They also cannot afford to secure and protect each copy of personally identifiable information and corporate intellectual property. Data virtualization ... [more]


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