Residents will bring and share their expertise with DS8000 to focus on performance-related topics. They will develop guidance, make recommendations on how to logically configure a DS8900 to configure it for best performance for various workload characteristics. They will document how to best take advantage of some of the DS8900 autonomic features or hardware features, such as HPFE, host and device adapters, cache and so on. The document will also review host considerations (IBM Z, i), with some particular emphasis on the zSynergy (mainframe-related) items. Residents will also document performance monitoring tools and products, like RMF, IBM Spectrum Control, or Storage Insights.

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Benefits to Resident


The residents will gain in-depth knowledge of the latest levels of the IBM DS8900F, and document attachment best practices, performance tuning and monitoring recommendations and techniques. Residents will be in contact with key architecture, development and support personnel.
Redbooks want technical practitioners to be recognized for their newly gained knowledge, experience, and accomplishments. Therefore, upon successful delivery of the publication produced by this IBM Redbooks residency, you will become eligible to earn an IBM Redbooks Digital Badge issued through Pearson VUE Acclaim.



Create a new IBM Redbooks publication about performance and monitoring best practices for the latest levels of IBM DS8900 models and firmware.

Resident Prerequisites

At this time this residency is available to IBM employees only.

A basic requirement for all residents is the ability to read and clearly express concepts and procedures in common English.

Please , make sure you have fulll managemet approval before applying. The residency will be remote, through on-line collaboration (no travel). Peter Kimmel ( is the technical leader for this project.

The resident should have implementation experience with the DS8000 for various platforms, as well as a good understanding of its internal architecture and design and experience with storage systems performance tuning and monitoring. A mix of skills is required so one resident need not have all of the skills. Residents will be chosen to create the best team possible using everyone's skills. Please specify experience with host platforms and products.
All candidates will need a flexible approach, be self-motivated, and having the ability to work with a minimum of supervision is critical. Most aspects will have an opportunity for a hands-on approach, but residents must be prepared to work from a theoretical stance too.


Skills NeededRequested Skill Level
Understanding of DS8000 architecture and configuration concepts4
Installing, configuring, using DS8000 (Be specific about your experience)3
Performance monitoring tools (Storage Insights, Spectrum Control, other - specify which)4
Understanding of I/O performance and workload basics3
Performance planning methods and tools (specify which)3
System z, including PAV, FICON, zHPF,zHyperlink, etc ... 4
IBM i 2
IBM Storage Modeller (internal tool) 3

Scale is 1 = None, 2 = Limited, 3 = Average, 4 = Good and 5 = Excellent.

Documentation Skills

Documentation Skills NeededRequested Doc Skill Level

Scale is 1 = None, 2 = Limited, 3 = Average, 4 = Good and 5 = Excellent.

Social Media Skills

Social Media Skills NeededRequested Soc Media Skill Level

Scale is 1 = None, 2 = Limited, 3 = Average, 4 = Good and 5 = Excellent.

Start Date
28 Jun 2021

End Date
30 Jul 2021

5 weeks

Residents needed
4 (IBMers)

Submit Nominations by
31 May 2021

Residency Location

Residency Leader
Bertrand Dufrasne

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