This residency will create an IBM Redbook detailing the set up and administration of IBM Power Systems Enterprise Pools 2.0..IBM Power Enterprise Pools 2.0 provides enhanced multisystem resource sharing and by-the-minute consumption of on-premises compute resources to clients who deploy and manage a private cloud infrastructure.

Note: This project will be managed from Austin, but residents will remain in their current locations. Residents must commit to this project on a full time basis throughout the residency duration. Please seek management support for this prior to committing.

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Benefits to Resident


Residents attending this residency will receive a working knowledge of how Power Enterprise Pools performs so they are better equipted to have discussion with their clients and offer this feature. Hardware requrements, usage restrictions, and operational topics will be covered.

IBM Redbooks want technical practitioners to be recognized for their newly gained knowledge, experience, and accomplishments. Therefore, upon successful delivery of the publication produced by this IBM Redbooks residency, you will become eligible to earn an IBM Redbooks Digital Badge issued through Pearson VUE Acclaim.



To produce a comprehensive Redbook covering all the features of IBM Power Enterprise Pools 2.0.

Resident Prerequisites

A basic requirement for all residents is the ability to read and clearly express concepts and procedures in common English.

In addition to authoring a Redbooks deliverable, participants will be expected to create at least one technical blog post and to appear in one video to complement the main deliverable. The blog posts can be done during the residency, or immediately after the residency ends and the participant has returned home. Participants will also be asked to help promote all deliverables created during the residency through social media.


Skills NeededRequested Skill Level
Knowledge of the Power System E980 server offering5
Previous experience with Power Enterprise Pools3
Power Systems Cloud Management software4
Supports Enteprise Systems clients4
HMC operation3
Performance Capacity Monitoring3

Scale is 1 = None, 2 = Limited, 3 = Average, 4 = Good and 5 = Excellent.

Documentation Skills

Documentation Skills NeededRequested Doc Skill Level
IBM Documentation Style Knowledge (Technical Writing)3
Adobe FrameMaker or Word Processing3
English, American, or Texan Spoken3
English Written4
PC-based Graphics Tools (PowerPoint, Visio)3

Scale is 1 = None, 2 = Limited, 3 = Average, 4 = Good and 5 = Excellent.

Social Media Skills

Social Media Skills NeededRequested Soc Media Skill Level
Blogging experience2
YouTube (Speaking in videos)2

Scale is 1 = None, 2 = Limited, 3 = Average, 4 = Good and 5 = Excellent.

Start Date
10 Aug 2020

End Date
04 Sep 2020

4 weeks

Residents needed

Residency Location
To Be, Determined

Residency Leader
Scott Vetter

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