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Implementation Guide for IBM Elastic Storage System 5000
Software Defined Storage

Draft Redbooks, last updated 23 Nov 2020

This IBM® Redbooks® publication introduces and describes the IBM Elastic Storage® Server 5000 (ESS 5000) as a scalable, high-performance data and file management solution. The solution is built on proven IBM Spectrum® Scale technology, formerly IBM General Parallel File System (IBM GPFS). ESS is a modern implementation of software-defined storage, making it easier for you to deploy fast, highly scalable storage for AI and big data. With the lightning-fast NVMe storage technology and industry-leading file management capabilities of IBM Spectrum Scale, the ESS 3000 and ESS 5000 nodes can grow ... [more]

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Privileged Access Management for Secure Storage Administration: IBM Spectrum Scale with IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault
Storage Solutions

Draft Redpaper, last updated 20 Nov 2020

There is a growing insider security risk to organizations. Human error, privilege misuse and cyber espionage are considered the top insider threats. Among them one of the most dangerous security threats beyond external hacker is the privileged user with access to critical data - the “crown jewels” of the organization. This data resides on storage and hence storage administration has become critical privilege access that can cause major security breaches and jeopardize the safety of sensitive assets. Hence, organizations need to maintain tight controls over who they grant privileged ... [more]

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Enabling IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management to Connect Kubernetes Clusters Using IBM Secure Gateway

Redpaper, published 20 Nov 2020

In today’s dynamically changing IT landscape, it is highly likely that a company’s cloud strategy spans multiple cloud providers. Such a span is known as the hydrid multi-cloud landscape. The challenges that quickly surface in an IT department’s list of responsibilities now encompass managing environments that are running on multiple cloud providers. The traditional IT administrators find themselves using individual dashboards for each of the cloud providers to monitor and manage those environments. In turn, each of the cloud provider’s dashboards have their own unique features that ... [more]

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IBM Integrated Synchronization - Incremental Updates Unleashed

Draft Redpaper, last updated 19 Nov 2020

This Redpaper is provides detailed information on the configuration options that are available to set up IBM Integrated Synchronization to perform incremental updates between Db2 for z/OS and IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator. This information should help to find the best implementation for a given set of requirements, mainly regarding availability and direction of workload. Since multiple z/OS system components are involved in this setup, this paper is not able to cover all of them from the ground up. Instead this paper contains references to useful documentation that describes these components ... [more]

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IBM Power Systems H922 and H924 Technical Overview and Introduction
Power Systems

Draft Redpaper, last updated 13 Nov 2020

This IBM® Redpaper publication is a comprehensive guide that covers the IBM Power System H922 (9223-22S), and IBM Power System H924 (9223-42S) servers that support memory-intensive workloads such as SAP HANA, and deliver superior price/performance for mission-critical applications in IBM AIX®, IBM i, and Linux operating systems. The goal of this paper is to provide a hardware architecture analysis and highlight the changes, new technologies, and major features that are being introduced in these systems 2020 release, such as:

  • Availability of new IBM POWER9™ processor ... [more]

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Cyber Resilience Solution Across Hybrid Cloud Using IBM Storage Solutions
Storage Solutions

Blueprint, published 12 Nov 2020

In today’s data driven world, the information and data of an organization is considered as the most important asset to its business. It can serve as key asset for growth of an organization. As more data are collected by organizations, it is growing at a staggering pace. With this exponential data growth, there is an increase need to protect the data from the various cyberattacks in the form of malware and ransomware that is trying to steal precious data and information. These cyberattacks can have catastrophic impact on the organization and result in devastating financial losses and affect ... [more]

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Introducing IBM Z System Recovery Boost

Redpaper, published 12 Nov 2020

This IBM® Redpaper publication introduces System Recovery Boost, which is a new function of the IBM z15™ system. System Recovery Boost delivers substantially faster system shutdown and restart, short duration recovery process boosts for sysplex events, and fast catch-up of an accumulated backlog of work after specific events (such as system restart).

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Data Accelerator for AI and Analytics
Storage Software

Draft Redpaper, last updated 9 Nov 2020

This IBM® Redpaper focuses on the need of Data Orchestration in enterprise data pipelines. It provides details about data orchestration and how to address typical challenges that customers face when dealing with large and ever-growing amounts of data for data analytics. While the amount of data increases steadily AI workloads need to speed up in order to be able to deliver insights and business value in a timely manner. This paper provides a solution that addresses these needs: Data Accelerator for AI and Analytics. A proof of concept is described in ... [more]

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Consolidation Planning Workbook: Practical Migration from x86 to LinuxONE

Draft Redpaper, last updated 6 Nov 2020

This IBM Redbooks® publication provides a technical sample workbook for IT organizations that are considering a migration from their x86 distributed servers to IBM LinuxONE. This book provides you with checklists for each facet of your migration to IBM LinuxONE.

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Practical Migration from x86 to LinuxONE

Draft Redbooks, last updated 6 Nov 2020

This IBM Redbooks® publication provides a technical planning reference for IT organizations that are considering a migration from their x86 distributed servers to LinuxONE. This book walks you through some of the important considerations and planning issues that you might encounter during a migration project. Within the context of a pre-existing UNIX based or x86 environment, it presents an end-to-end view of the technical challenges and methods necessary to complete a successful migration to ... [more]


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