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IBM SAN Volume Controller Best Practices and Performance Guidelines for IBM Spectrum Virtualize Version 8.4.2
Flash storage

Redbooks, published 17 Jan 2022

This IBM® Redbooks® publication captures several of the preferred practices and describes the performance gains that can be achieved by implementing the IBM SAN Volume Controller powered by IBM Spectrum® Virtualize Version 8.4.2. These practices are based on field experience. This book highlights configuration guidelines and preferred practices for the storage area network (SAN) topology, clustered system, back-end storage, storage pools and managed disks, volumes, Remote Copy services and hosts. It explains how you can optimize disk performance with the IBM System Storage Easy Tier® ... [more]

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IBM Storage Networking c-type FICON Implementation Guide
Storage Networking

Redbooks, published 11 Jan 2022

The next-generation IBM® c-type Directors and switches for IBM Storage Networking provides high-speed Fibre Channel (FC) and IBM Fibre Connection (IBM FICON®) connectivity from the IBM Z® platform to the storage area network (SAN) core. It enables enterprises to rapidly deploy high-density virtualized servers with the dual benefit of higher bandwidth and consolidation. This IBM Redpaper Redbooks publication helps administrators understand how to implement or migrate to an IBM c-type SAN environment. It provides an overview of the key hardware and software products, and it explains how to ... [more]

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SAN and Fabric Resiliency Best Practices for IBM b-type Products
Storage Networking

Redpaper, published 5 Jan 2022

This IBM® Redpaper® publication describes best practices for deploying and using advanced Broadcom Fabric Operating System (FOS) features to identify, monitor, and protect Fibre Channel (FC) SANs from problematic devices and media behavior. Note that this paper primarily focuses on the FOS command options and features that are available since version 8.2 with some coverage of new features that were introduced in 9.0. This paper covers the following recent changes:

  • SANnav
  • Fabric Performance Impact Notification ... [more]

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High Availability and Disaster Recovery Options for IBM Power Systems: Cloud and On-Premises
Power Systems

Draft Redpaper, last updated 5 Jan 2022

This IBM® Redpaper publication positions the new high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) options in the cloud against those options on-premises. Hybrid cloud applications on IBM Power Systems are known for its high performance and reliability. The flexibility and available services options of IBM cloud ensured high availability and disaster recovery of these hybrid applications on Power Systems affordable and easy to use. This publication is intended to help with the basic requirements to configure and implement the HA and DR for a number of on-premises and cloud configurations. ... [more]

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IBM Power Systems Virtual Server Guide for IBM i
Power Systems

Draft Redbooks, last updated 4 Jan 2022

This IBM Redbooks publication delivers a how-to usage content perspective describing deployment, networking, and data management tasks on the IBM Power Systems Virtual Server using sample scenarios. The team during the content development utilized available documentation, IBM Power Systems Virtual Server environment, and additional software and hardware resources to: + Document IBM Power Systems Virtual Server networking and data management deployment scenarios. + Document migrations use case scenarios. + Document backups case scenarios. + Document disaster recovery case scenarios. This book ... [more]

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Getting Started with IBM Hyper Protect Data Controller

Redbooks, published 3 Jan 2022, last updated 4 Jan 2022

IBM® Hyper Protect Data Controller is designed to provide privacy protection of your sensitive data and give ease of control and auditability. It can manage how data is shared securely through a central control. Hyper Protect Data Controller can protect data wherever it goes—security policies are kept and honored whenever the data is accessed and future data access can be revoked even after data leaves the system of record. This IBM Redbooks® publication can assist you with determining how to get started with IBM Hyper Protect Data Controller through a use case approach. It will help you ... [more]

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Installing and Configuring IBM Db2 AI for IBM z/OS v1.4.0
Data and Analytics

Redpaper, published 21 Jul 2021, last updated 4 Jan 2022

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables computers and machines to mimic the perception, learning, problem-solving, and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. AI development is made possible by the availability of large amounts of data and the corresponding development and wide availability of computer systems that can process all that data faster and more accurately than humans can. What happens if you infuse AI with a world-class database management system, such as IBM Db2®? IBM® has done just that with Db2 AI for z/OS (Db2ZAI). Db2ZAI is built to infuse AI and data science to assist ... [more]

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IBM Tape Library Guide for Open Systems
Tape storage

Draft Redbooks, last updated 31 Dec 2021

This IBM® Redbooks® publication presents a general introduction to the latest (current) IBM tape and tape library technologies. Featured tape technologies include the IBM LTO Ultrium and Enterprise 3592 tape drives, and their implementation in IBM tape libraries. This 18th edition includes new chapter introducing the IBM Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium 9 tape drive, along with technical updates for each IBM tape product for open systems. It includes generalized sections about Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) and Fibre Channel connections, and multipath architecture configurations. This ... [more]

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IBM TS4500 R8 Tape Library Guide
Storage Solutions

Draft Redbooks, last updated 28 Dec 2021

The IBM® TS4500 (TS4500) tape library is a next-generation tape solution that offers higher storage density and better integrated management than previous solutions. This IBM Redbooks® publication gives you a close-up view of the new IBM TS4500 tape library. In the TS4500, IBM delivers the density that today’s and tomorrow’s data growth requires. It has the cost-effectiveness and the manageability to grow with business data needs, while you preserve investments in IBM tape library products. Now, you can achieve both a low per-terabyte cost and high density, with up to 13 PB of data (up to ... [more]

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IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition V1.3.2.2: Installation and Configuration Guide
Software Defined Storage

Draft Redbooks, last updated 27 Dec 2021

This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you with the planning, installation, and configuration of the new IBM Spectrum® Archive Enterprise Edition (EE) Version for the IBM TS4500, IBM TS3500, IBM TS4300, and IBM TS3310 tape libraries. IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition enables the use of the LTFS for the policy management of tape as a storage tier in an IBM Spectrum Scale based environment. It helps encourage the use of tape as a critical tier in the storage environment. This is the tenth edition of IBM Spectrum Archive Installation and Configuration Guide. IBM Spectrum Archive EE ... [more]


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