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Wargames Powered by IBM Watson: Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy in 4D

Point-of-View, published 22 Aug 2014

Serious defense games have been around for decades. Many defense implementations focus on skills training and first-person shooter (FPS) gaming engines. The defense games have not focused on games enabling Strategic Execution or Tactical Operations. Strategic and tactical games require a complex infrastructure that is based on the cascading rules that are contained in doctrine. This type of game allows each mission plan component to be vetted, stressed, and prioritized by the entire decision and action chain. IBM® Watson™ cognitive intelligence can disrupt the way that you develop wargames ... [more]

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IBM Watson Content Analytics: Discovering Actionable Insight from Your Content

Redbooks, published 7 Jul 2014

IBM® Watson™ Content Analytics (Content Analytics) Version 3.0 (formerly known as IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search (ICAwES)) helps you to unlock the value of unstructured content to gain new actionable business insight and provides the enterprise search capability all in one product. Content Analytics comes with a set of tools and a robust user interface to empower you to better identify new revenue opportunities, improve customer satisfaction, detect problems early, and improve products, services, and offerings. To help you gain the most benefits from your unstructured content, ... [more]

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Artificial Intelligence: Learning Through Interactions and Big Data

Point-of-View, published 3 Jun 2013

Artifical intelligence (AI) approaches combined with analytics techniques can provide practical approaches to the challenges of creating Smarter Planet solutions.
- The current mainstream business analytics research and solution development along with the convergence of AI with machine learning techniques will continue to underpin high-value, human decision support solutions.
- Cognitive systems can combine natural language processing, hypothesis generation and evaluation, and dynamic learning for a powerful, fast, and intelligent problem solving.
- To effectively apply ... [more]

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Transforming the Way Organizations Think with Cognitive Systems

Point-of-View, published 12 Dec 2012, last updated 13 Dec 2012

Our data volume is exploding. But not just the volume of data, the type of data is taking on increasing forms, and the demand for speed at which we need to understand this data is accelerating. We need computers that can assess this flood of information so that we can mine the most value from our data. IBM® is leading the Cognitive Systems Era. It is transforming the way we use computers and technology to process information and natural language, creating the potential to change the way businesses use information and make decisions. As explained in this IBM Redbooks® Point-of-View paper, ... [more]

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The Era of Cognitive Systems: An Inside Look at IBM Watson and How it Works

Redguide, published 12 Dec 2012

IBM® Watson™ represents a first step into cognitive systems, a new era of computing. Watson builds on the current era of programmatic computing but differs in significant ways. The combination of the following capabilities makes Watson unique:
- Natural language processing by helping to understand the complexities of unstructured data, which makes up as much as 80 percent of the data in the world today
- Hypothesis generation and evaluation by applying advanced analytics to weigh and evaluate a panel of responses based on only relevant evidence
- Dynamic learning by ... [more]


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