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Enterprise Content Management for SAP
Enterprise Content Management

Redpaper, published 15 Sep 2015

IBM® Enterprise Content Management (ECM) portfolio software enables the largest organizations in the world to make better decisions, faster. By gaining control of structured and unstructured information, organizations can access, collaborate, and influence business decisions in new ways, making content a first-class source of insight. With industry-specific IBM ECM solutions, organizations can capture, manage, and share content throughout the information lifecycle, helping to ensure compliance, reduce costs, and maximize productivity. The IBM ECM portfolio includes a wide array of ... [more]

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IBM Datacap Accounts Payable Capture
Enterprise Content Management

Redpaper, published 17 Jul 2015

The IBM® Datacap Accounts Payable Capture application is a learning application. Using a number of techniques, it has the ability to learn new instances of known documents when they are introduced into the system. The Accounts Payable Capture workflow can be used for many types of documents and applications, not just invoices. This IBM Redpaper™ publication discusses the role that IBM Datacap Accounts Payable Capture plays in Accounts Payable (AP). You are introduced to the different jobs in the workflow and examine the task profiles, rulesets, rules, functions, and actions that make it ... [more]

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IBM FileNet Capture and IBM Datacap
Enterprise Content Management

Redpaper, published 6 Jul 2015

Document capture solutions play an important role in helping businesses collect, store, and manage important documents. Capture technologies continue to evolve, which requires businesses to take advantage of the solution that fits their particular needs. This IBM® Redpaper™ publication explores the capabilities of two key document capture products: IBM FileNet® Capture and IBM Datacap. Each product has common and distinct capabilities that fit the needs of their customers. The paper uses a specific document capture scenario to look at each product and show how they fit the needs of the ... [more]

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Using IBM Enterprise Records
Enterprise Content Management

Redbooks, published 29 May 2015

Records management helps users address evolving governance mandates to meet regulatory, legal, and fiduciary requirements. Proactive adherence to information retention policies and procedures is a critical facet of any compliance strategy. IBM® Enterprise Records helps organizations enforce centralized policy management for file plans, retention schedules, legal preservation holds, and auditing. IBM Enterprise Records enables your organization to securely capture, declare, classify, store, and dispose of electronic and physical records. In this IBM Redbooks® publication, we introduce the ... [more]

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Building IBM Enterprise Content Management Solutions From End to End
Enterprise Content Management

Redbooks, published 22 Oct 2014

IBM® Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions provide efficient and effective ways to capture content, manage the content and business processes, discover insights from the content, and derive actions to improve business processes, products, and services. This IBM Redbooks® publication introduces and highlights some of the IBM ECM products that can be implemented and integrated together to create end-to-end ECM solutions:
- IBM Case Manager
- IBM Datacap
- IBM Content Manager OnDemand
- IBM Enterprise Records
- IBM Watson™ Content Analytics
- IBM Content ... [more]

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