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DB2 12 for z Optimizer
Data Management

Redpaper, published 28 Jun 2017

There has been a considerable focus on performance improvements as one of the main themes in recent IBM DB2® releases, and DB2 12 for IBM z/OS® is certainly no exception. With the high-value data retained on DB2 for z/OS and the z Systems platform, customers are increasingly attempting to extract value from that data for competitive advantage. Although customers have historically moved data off platform to gain insight, the landscape has changed significantly and allowed z Systems to again converge operational systems with analytics for real-time insight. Business-critical analytics is now ... [more]

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IBM DB2 Web Query for i: The Nuts and Bolts
Power Systems

Redbooks, published 14 Apr 2017, last updated 19 Jun 2017

Business Intelligence (BI) is a broad term that relates to applications that analyze data to understand and act on the key metrics that drive profitability in an enterprise. Key to analyzing that data is providing fast, easy access to it while delivering it in formats or tools that best fit the needs of the user. At the core of any BI solution are user query and reporting tools that provide intuitive access to data supporting a spectrum of users from executives to “power users,” from spreadsheet aficionados to the external Internet consumer. IBM® DB2® Web Query for i offers a set of ... [more]

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Maximizing Performance of IBM DB2 Backups
Data Management

Web Doc, published 21 Oct 2016

This IBM® Redbooks® Analytics Support Web Doc describes how to maximize the performance of IBM DB2® backups. Backing up a database is a critical part of any disaster recovery plan. Making sure that the backup completes in a reasonable time frame means that there is always a valid backup available in case of emergency. This document describes the following elements that are critical to good backup performance:
- The backup process model
- Basic backup performance concepts
- Backup performance considerations
- Monitoring backup performance with the DB2_BAR_STATS ... [more]

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In-Place Analytics with Live Enterprise Data with IBM DB2 Query Management Facility

Redbooks, published 21 Oct 2016

IBM® DB2® Query Management Facility™ for z/OS® provides a zero-footprint, mobile-enabled, highly secure business analytics solution. IBM QMF™ V11.2.1 offers many significant new features and functions in keeping with the ongoing effort to broaden its usage and value to a wider set of users and business areas. In this IBM Redbooks® publication, we explore several of the new features and options that are available within this new release. This publication introduces TSO enhancements for QMF Analytics for TSO and QMF Enhanced Editor. A chapter describes how the QMF Data Service component ... [more]

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Changing Physical Disk Storage in IBM DB2 pureScale: A Practical Example
Data Management

Web Doc, published 22 Sep 2016, last updated 26 Sep 2016

IBM® DB2® pureScale® provides continuous availability with multiple active servers that share a common set of disk storage subsystems. DB2 pureScale includes multiple components for high availability (HA), such as IBM Tivoli® System Automation (TSA) and IBM General Parallel File System (IBM GPFS™) for clustered file systems. Like any component in an IT infrastructure, DB2 pureScale eventually might require a migration to meet the demands of upgraded hardware and software. Database administrators, operating system administrators, and system administrators working with DB2 pureScale in ... [more]

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