IBM FlashSystem 5200 Product Guide

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Updated 11 April 2021

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IBM Form #: REDP-5617-00

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Authors: Aldo Araujo Fonseca, Corne Lottering, Jon Herd, Leandro Torolho, Sandro De Santis, Vasfi Gucer


This IBM® Redbooks® Product Guide publication describes the IBM FlashSystem 5200 solution, which is a next-generation FlashSystem control enclosure. Its an NVMe end-to-end platform targeted at the entry and midrange market, that delivers the full capabilities of IBM FlashCore technology. In addition, it provides a rich set of software-defined storage (SDS) features delivered by IBM Spectrum Virtualize, including data reduction and de-duplication, dynamic tiering, thin-provisioning, snapshots, cloning, replication, data copy services, Transparent Cloud Tiering, and IBM HyperSwap® including 3-site replication for high availability (HA). Scale-out and scale-up configurations further enhance capacity and throughput for better availability.

This book is aimed at pre-sales and post-sales technical support and marketing and storage administrators.

Table of contents

IBM FlashSystem 5200 Product Guide
Flash for less than the cost of disk
Agile integration
Multicloud enabled
IBM FlashSystem 5200 Advanced Data Services
IBM FlashSystem 5200 enclosures overview
The big picture: How to place your IBM Flash System family storage system in your infrastructure
Did you know?
Current release functions
Storage Class Memory (SCM)
IBM Storage Expert Care Service and Support options
IBM FlashWatch overview
IBM Storage Insights
IBM Spectrum Control Connect
IBM FlashSystem 5200 GUI
IBM FlashSystem 5200 hardware component overview
Advanced functions
Scaling up and scaling out
Manageability and security
Reliability, availability, and serviceability
Options and feature codes
Physical and electrical specifications
Software and licensing
IBM Global Financing
Ordering information
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